Italian Garden / Il Giardino Italiano

Il Giardino Italiano is one of the most elaborately detailed gardens in the city’s entire park system. These gardens are a cause for celebration by all supporters of Hastings Park. Congratulations go to the Italian community for its vision and commitment to this project. Because post-Second World War Italian immigrants predominantly settled in the surrounding Hastings Sunrise and Grandview Woodlands neighbourhoods, many of their families and businesses took ownership of the park project and raised substantial funds to realize this part of the plan.

Go have a look for yourself, this garden has a lot of interesting and surprising details: Look for them in the fountains, in the way the rain run-off is collected, in the Opera Walk, picnic tables for large family get-togethers and that’s saying nothing yet about the bold designs of the plantings!

Italian Fountain in Il Giardino


Opera Walk face in Il Giardino

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