About Us

Hastings Park Conservancy:

Who Are We?

The Hastings Park Conservancy is an independent society, registered under the BC Society Act since 2000.

We are a volunteer-run, community-based organization. In other words, we are your neighbours! From the 1990s, founding Conservancy members were instrumental in the planning and vision of the Sanctuary in Hastings Park, giving input to City Engineering.

A Board of Directors governs the Conservancy and consists of members whom are both elected and appointed at the Annual General Meeting.
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What We Do

The Hastings Park Conservancy:

A) Works to enhance public access, natural habitat, and green space in Hastings park for the enjoyment of all.

B) Contributes to the health and welfare of the residents in proximity to Hastings Park, East Vancouver and Vancouver City at large, by carrying out educational and environmental activities such as:

  • Acting as public stewards of green spaces in Hastings Park (e.g. through Park Watches)
  • Promoting the mandate defined in the trust documents for Hastings Park
  • Promoting the aspirations of subsequent restoration initiatives such as the Greening of Hastings Park Restoration Program 1996 (scanned PDF), which led to incorporation of the Hastings Park Conservancy in June 2000.
  • Promoting site programming that is consistent with the purposes of the Society.
  • Advocating for partnering agreements such as Park Partners, and with other user groups who utilize the site buildings and facilities.
  • Coordinating formal responses to the PNE Board, City Council, Park Board and other stakeholders regarding capital and operating decisions that impact immediate and future development of the park.
  • Organizing outreach, promotion and community development activities such as regular Nature Walks.
  • Recruiting members and volunteers to support us in these activities.

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Visions of a Joint Relationship with the Parks Board

The HPC wants to form a partnership with Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation but we have been largely ignored by the City of Vancouver and the Park Board in recent years.

In 2000, the Park Board signed a Joint Operating Agreement with the Hastings Park Conservancy to ensure that the local community and city-wide interests continue to be involved in the implementation of the park Plan and the operation of the facilities and spaces on site. Curiously, although negotiated by City staff and approved by the Park Board, this agreement was never ratified by Council.

Recently the City of Vancouver has voted in its own Master Plan, and has taken a total about-face regarding the greening of Hastings Park. The plan focuses on maximum commercialization of the site, has so far not allowed for adequate community consultation or community benefits.
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