May 27th Community Day at Playland (funds go to PNE Community Grant Program)

From PNE Community Relations:

Community Day at Playland
Saturday May 27
10:00am- 6:00 pm

The funds raised at Community Day in Playland ($10 from each regular priced* ticket sold on that day) will go towards the new PNE Community Grant Fund which was established with the purpose of growing community pride. This new grant fund will allow numerous Hastings Sunrise Community non-profit organizations/ recognized local groups to apply to host an event or program either at Hastings Park or in the Hastings Sunrise community. Providing opportunities for the Hastings Sunrise community to come together, learn, engage and enjoy!

* Up to a maximum of $10,000. Excludes Season Ticket Holders,
Complimentary Passes & Guardian Passes.

We hope many local area residents will be able to join, as we will distributing the money raised the first week of June to the success Hastings Sunrise group applicants.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kate Chong (née Huffman)| Manager, Community Relations
2901 East Hastings Street | Hastings Park | Vancouver, BC | V5K 5J1
T: 604.251.7708 F: 604.251.7773

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