Hastings Park Access Pass for Hastings-Sunrise residents during PNE Fair

The Hastings Park Conservancy has received the official notice regarding the annual Access Passes, for residents of the Hastings-Sunrise community to gain access through the park while the PNE Fair is running. These are for Park access, and not admission to the Fair.

More information follows from their letter (or download PDF of the letter), if you wish to obtain a pass:

“…for the twelfth consecutive year, the PNE will have the Hastings Park (HP) Access Pass for residents of the Hastings-Sunrise area (as defined by the City of Vancouver) for the upcoming Fair at the PNE.

The HP Pass will be for the exclusive use of the pass holder to enter the Park between 7:30am – 11:30pm to gain access to the Park or to pass through the Park (i.e. walking or jogging through). It is important to note that this pass is not intended for, and should not be used to attend the Fair at the PNE, but to solely gain access to or go through the Park.

NOTE: When you are entering and exiting the site we will require you to please have your pass scanned at the designated gates. We thank you for your cooperation.

Given that the Fair at the PNE is a gated event in a public park, as is the case with other events in parks across the city, the total number of passes processed will be determined as the program is distributed. Once the allotted number of HP Passes is distributed, no further passes will be available.

Passes will be distributed through an arranged appointment between July 25th – 29th, 2016 or until the allotted number of passes have been distributed, whichever comes first.

Eligible residents interested in applying are required to make an appointment with Rosa Chirico, at 604-252-3525 or rchirico@pne.ca. Appointments can be made between 9:00am – 3:30pm.

On arrival of their appointment, eligible residents will be required to fill out the relevant paperwork, provide photo ID, and provide proof that they are a resident of the Hastings Sunrise area of Vancouver, such as a recent bill with both their name and address on it. They then will have a photo ID taken if not already on file.

Each household/family can receive a maximum of four passes. Children thirteen years old and younger do not need to apply for the HP Pass.

Communication on this program has been distributed to past Hasting Park Access Pass users. We also communicate information about the HP Pass to eligible residents who contact the PNE regarding accessing Hastings Park during the Fair.

Kate Huffman
Community Relations Manager
Pacific National Exhibition”

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