August 13th: Volunteers Needed! MORE Purple Loosestrife Deadheading

This is a second call for volunteers to help with deadheading deadheading purple loosestrife in the infield of the Hastings Race Track.

We have been doing this annually for the last few years together with local community help and it is helping to control the spread each year. We often used to find it growing in the Sanctuary brought over from the Track, but this year we have only seen one plant there. Seven of us spent about 3 hours deadheading on July 23rd, but we still didn’t manage to do it all.

On Monday, August 13th at 6:15 PM, we will meet in front (north) of the Grand Stand. Please bring sturdy footwear, water to drink, gloves, long pants and clippers if you have them. Rain or shine!

Please RSVP Virginia by email to let us know if you (or anyone else you know) can make it.

Many thanks
Virginia, for the Environmental Committee of the Hastings Park Conservancy.

PS: Planning is still in progress for a weeding day in the Sanctuary! Stay tuned…

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