Re-scheduled Annual General Meeting: May 2nd @ 7:00 PM

Hello Members,

We met on April 15th for our AGM as planned, but unfortunately did not have enough registered members in attendance to make quorum (i.e. minimum number of paid members for voting).

Therefore, the April 15th meeting became a more informal meeting, though we were happy to welcome Niki Sharma, the Parks Board Commissioner who is our liaison.

We require at least 20 members to attend for voting purposes.
Please join us at a re-scheduled meeting as follows:

Hastings Park Conservancy Annual General Meeting
Wednesday, May 2nd @ 7:00 PM

Room 9 (downstairs)
Hastings Community Centre
3096 E. Hastings St. (at Lillooet St)

Once again, we will be tabling a Special Resolution to amend our constitution, and we need members to vote approval on changes:

(to be put to Member vote at the AGM)

The Board will be proposing a revision to our Constitution, which has not been changed since 2000. Documents and background information have been posted on our website here. Please take time to review these proposed changes, as we will be asking you to vote your approval on our proposed revisions.


If you are a Member interested in sitting on the Board, we expect to have vacancies. Please submit your interest to Donalda Greenwell-Baker (President) at

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