Give Your Input to PNE Advisory Committee members: Take Our Survey!

We are in the process of trying to collect information from ‎Hastings Sunrise‬ and neighbouring residents to determine their current use of ‎Hastings Park‬ and what future activities, events, programs and green spaces they would like to have available in the park.

We would very much appreciate if you could complete the survey. We would also encourage you to share the survey via any venues you have may have available, with your friends, neighbours, and community contacts in Hastings Sunrise, by email, blogs, social media, etc.

Please complete and share survey promptly, as we want to collate the results and present them to the Hastings Park/PNE Community Advisory Board in June. Thank YOU!!! We appreciate your support!

Complete the survey here!

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April 22nd: Opportunity to speak to PNE Board of Directors

Have concerns you wish to voice to the PNE Board of Directors about Hastings Park? The PNE Board is currently the body in charge of managing the Hastings Park site, including the Sanctuary, Playland and surrounding grounds and buildings (with the exception of Empire Field).

You have an opportunity to present to the Board at their upcoming Public Meeting on Friday, April 22nd. Public meetings of the Board are scheduled twice per year.

Individuals or delegations may request to speak to an agenda item once the agenda is posted and up to 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting. Requests are made by email, phone or in person, and must be received by the PNE 24 hours before the start of the meeting. Requests must include first and last name, organization or interest group (if applicable) and agenda item to be addressed.

More information on Board protocols and meeting schedule is available here on the PNE’s website.

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April 20th: AGM of Hastings Park Community Association

If you live in the Hastings-Sunrise neighbourhood, the Hastings Community Association runs your local Hastings Community Centre.
Their AGM is coming up on April 20th at 7:00 PM.

More details on their Facebook page here.


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February 25th Event: Reconciliation in Action – Hastings-Sunrise

Friends and neighbours, come out to this great community event!

Thursday, February 25th
2:30-6:30 PM
at Hastings Community Centre
3096 East Hastings St.

More information at


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APPLY NOW! Hastings-Sunrise Community Small Grants, deadline March 31st

Do you have an idea for a project or event that you want to host with your friends or neighbours that will help bring the broader community of Hastings Sunrise together? If you and your co-applicant live in, and your project or event will take place in the area as specified in the Application Form (PDF), you can apply for a Community Small Grant of between $500 and $1500 from the Hastings North Community Partners Group.

More Info: visit or find them on Facebook!


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