‘Say No to JOA’ Hastings Association Members Tell HCA Board

Members of Hastings Community Association give clear (and unanimous) message to reject Park Board Joint Operating Agreement

Vancouver, B.C. – The Hastings Community Association (HCA), which has been serving the Hastings community for more than 90 years, held a meeting on Wednesday, September 20 to inform members about the status of the Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) that the Park Board is demanding HCA’s Board signs by September 30 (or risk being evicted from their community centre). Close to 50 highly engaged association members provided unanimous direction to the Board of Directors to reject the proposed draft of the JOA.

Said Sherry Breshears, President of the Hastings Community Association: “The Board wanted to know what our community thought – and, like usual, they told us – and they didn’t hold back. The members here tonight unanimously agreed that the current draft of the JOA does not work for our community and they don’t want us to sign it.” She added: “Unlike the Park Board, the HCA Board has always worked in true ‘collaboration’ with our community – that’s not just a buzzword we throw around to make us look good. Last night, members unanimously told us that they don’t think this agreement is good for Hastings. We take that seriously.”

The HCA Board meets on September 27 and Breshears said that the feedback from members carries serious weight in the decision-making process. The Board will decide on their next steps – and whether to sign the agreement by the Park Board imposed deadline of September 30, 2017. Said Breshears: “Our Board was present at the meeting and they heard how our members feel first-hand. Now, the Board must outline the next steps through a formal Board decision.” She added: “I don’t think anyone is going to be surprised at the outcome of next week’s Board meeting.”

Breshears says that HCA – and other Community Centre Associations (CCAs) – would have been able to come to a mutually satisfactory agreement with the Park Board to get a JOA that works for the Park Board and CCAs. She continued: “We have a group of CCAs who have informed the Park Board many times about the six outstanding issues with the document. They aren’t huge changes – and they are reasonable. Unfortunately, the Park Board is entrenched in aggressively pushing this draft forward. All we are asking for is to send this for a legal review with CCA legal counsel and the Park Board lawyer. It wouldn’t take long. If done in good faith, it would result in an agreement we could – and would – sign. It would be a straightforward win for them and they refuse to even consider it.”

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Should HASTINGS COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION sign the Park Board Joint Operating Agreement? Attend the Community Meeting this Wednesday!

Hastings Community Association | Community Information Meeting Details

Please click on the following two inserts for improved clarity!

September 11th news release on status of agreements

List of Community Centre meetings regarding the JOA

Roundhouse Radio interview with Kathleen Bigsby, President of Kerrisdale Community Centre

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June 8th: URGENT – Register to speak at PNE public board meeting, on proposals affecting Hastings Park

Dear Neighbours and Friends,

There is an important public PNE Board Meeting happening:
June 8th at 530pm
Hastings Room
(find on the PNE site map here)

There are 4 new proposals to consider. If you sign up to speak, you must be there earlier. (see link)

1) The PNE is proposing a Chinese Lantern Festival from Dec 15th-Jan 2nd, Sun-Thurs 5pm-10pm Fri-Sat 5pm-11pm.
They are expecting 100,000 plus visitors.

Although we like this kind of festival, we have some serious concerns about its footprint, which will surround the Sanctuary with 8-ft opaque fencing, and encompass much of the surrounding park space as well. There will be restricted access to the Sanctuary for 2.5 months.(Put-up starts November 15, take-down, February 2nd) with public access ONLY from Hastings Street.

They are planning to make this an annual event and we have suggested that, in future, it be moved inside Playland, leaving the Sanctuary open to unfettered access by the public. We also anticipate serious parking issues, as there will be multiple events going on at Hastings Park/PNE Buildings during this time.

2) Playland Nights: 4 Friday nights in July will be changed to ADULT ONLY and open from 7pm-midnight. There will be LIQUOR served and consumed throughout Playland.

This does not bode well for the surrounding community after midnight as patrons exit PLAYLAND.

3) The Forum is applying to change their liquor license to allow patrons to carry their drinks throughout the venue in an effort to attract more entertainment acts and bands, where alcohol is featured, much like venues downtown. Alcohol would be served until 100 am.

4) DRONES OVER the SANCTUARY. The PNE intends to hold a lighted drone show over the Sanctuary during the PNE.

We are very much opposed, as it will be dangerous to the birds, ducks and all other wildlife and plants in the Sanctuary. Also they will have a motorized boat in the pond. People observing could do a lot of costly damage to the Sanctuary.

Perhaps the event could be held inside the Race Track area or the amphitheatre, but it is inconceivable that it be held in a bird and nature sanctuary. This area is to be a refuge for birds and ducks, not a venue for automated

The Hastings Park Conservancy

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May 30th: Traffic Issues in Hastings-Sunrise, “Listen and Learn” consultation with City of Vancouver

If you live in the neighbourhood in the wide area around Hastings Community Centre, you have likely noticed a huge increase in traffic volume and driver aggressiveness. Many people have been expressing their concerns to city staff in Vancouver.

Now, the city is hosting a “Listen & Learn” session, to get feedback and input. If you live in this area and can drop by the meeting for a short time, it would be great. The City wants to hear our concerns and the more voices the better. We’d like our kids to be able to safely walk and ride their bikes in the hood, and us adults too!

We have experienced extreme traffic concerns, including on many of the west-east-west residential streets (drivers bypassing Hastings Street and 1st Avenue), including speeding, failure to stop for pedestrians, tailgating, speeding in school zones and more. Parking issues too. Please share with your neighbours and friends in the community. Let’s use this opportunity to try to improve the traffic issues in the ‘hood, before someone gets hurt!

“Hastings-Sunrise Transportation Listen and Learn”
Tuesday, May 30, 2017
Hastings Community Centre,
3096 East Hastings St

Can’t make it? Share your comments online between May 31 and June 7 at:

vancouver.fluidsurveys.com/s/ hastings-sunrise-transportation/

The City recently engaged with residents on walking and cycling improvements to the western part of the Union-Adanac Corridor.

Before launching an engagement process on the eastern section of Corridor, we want to better understand neighbourhood transportation issues between Hastings Street, Boundary Street, East 1st Avenue, and Renfrew Street. What we hear will inform future improvements.

We want to hear from you!
Join us for a conversation.
Join us at a “Listen and Learn” session to share your neighbourhood transportation concerns. City staff will be available to discuss walking, cycling, transit, vehicle traffic, and goods movement in the area.

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May 27th Community Day at Playland (funds go to PNE Community Grant Program)

From PNE Community Relations:

Community Day at Playland
Saturday May 27
10:00am- 6:00 pm

The funds raised at Community Day in Playland ($10 from each regular priced* ticket sold on that day) will go towards the new PNE Community Grant Fund which was established with the purpose of growing community pride. This new grant fund will allow numerous Hastings Sunrise Community non-profit organizations/ recognized local groups to apply to host an event or program either at Hastings Park or in the Hastings Sunrise community. Providing opportunities for the Hastings Sunrise community to come together, learn, engage and enjoy!

* Up to a maximum of $10,000. Excludes Season Ticket Holders,
Complimentary Passes & Guardian Passes.

We hope many local area residents will be able to join, as we will distributing the money raised the first week of June to the success Hastings Sunrise group applicants.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Kate Chong (née Huffman)| Manager, Community Relations
2901 East Hastings Street | Hastings Park | Vancouver, BC | V5K 5J1
T: 604.251.7708 F: 604.251.7773

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